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"The audience is taken aback, shocked, angered, saddened or brought to laughter." — Critical Dance

Savitri is the story of a woman’s journey of loss, search, discovery, and spiritual freedom through love.  What happened between Yama (the God of death) and Savitri (a young princess) during their conversation after her husband Satyavan’s death? This is the question at the center of the piece, inspired by The Book of the Forest in the epic Mahabharata.


What emerges is a unique mode of dance that speech is, at times, allowed to breakthrough. Dance carries the forms of the past, but the dancer, who must play every figure in this story, cannot suppress her own voice—which is the form of the present. Thus we are allowed to hear Savitri, both a character from a story thousands of years old and a modern woman with the full awareness of all that it means to live in the world today.

All photo credits: Vipul Sangoi

World premiere: December 2012 at the Epic Women Conclave, Chennai India


Artistic direction, choreography & performance: Preeti Vasudevan
Dramaturgy: J Ed Araiza*
Original Text: Teddy Jefferson
Music: John Hadfield
Costume: Deanna Berg
Lighting: Deepa Dharmadhikari

*original direction for premiere at the Epic Women Conclave in Chennai India, Dec 2012

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