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100 Years of Greater Lebanon

Mohammad Najib El-Zein

A story that follows a young boy, Mohammad Najib El-Zein, as he comes of age. Surrounded by siblings, Mohammad must find work to support his father and help provide for the family. Mohammad tries different jobs – making shoes, selling oil – before he eventually joins the army to support both his family and the country he loves, Lebanon.

Note: This story is narrated in Arabic. For English subtitles select the "CC" button on the video player.

Commentary & Analysis

In the video below, Preeti talks about her process and her creative choices as she developed her interpretation of this story.

Meet our Collaborators

Wajdi Abou Diab

Composer / Performer (Lebanon)

Born in Lebanon in 1991, Wajdi graduated from the Lebanese National Higher Conservatory of Music with a degree in piano (2014) and subsequently a further degree in Music Composition and Electronic Music (2016). He is currently continuing his studies in piano and bassoon performance in the same conservatory where he also teaches piano, harmony and music theory.

Wajdi’s music draws inspiration from the Arabic Mashriq musical tradition: in a modern language he seeks to reflect the contradictions of the modern world, and the beauty and brutality within it.

Click here to see videos from Wajdi describing his process for creating music for the stories.

Screen Shot 2020-10-31 at 4.53.23 PM.png

Bhumenjoy Konsam

Illustrator (Manipur, India)


Bhumenjoy is a multi-talented illustrator and animator based in Manipur, in the far North East of India. He's worked with Preeti on many previous projects, and also works with major corporations as a commercial animator.


In 2008 Bhumenjoy directed a feature-length animated feature film called "Tiger Head", based on an epic tale from his native Manipur (see trailer here). His website is

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The Alwan Project has been developed and supported by the Adyan Foundation, whose mission is to promote diversity, solidarity and human dignity in Lebanon.

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