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Educational Workshops

Social Impact and cultural diplomacy through educational outreach is key to Thresh’s mission. We partner with both governmental bodies and NGOs to deliver arts-based initiatives focused on the social and emotional health of at-risk and underserved populations in the US and overseas. Additionally, training of trainers is developed by Thresh to better assist their local communities and help build safe spaces for young adults through a unique storytelling methodology developed by Thresh. Outreach programs are delivered either on the ground (in person) or digitally, via the internet. We specialize in the delivery of remote learning via synchronous (live video) or asynchronous content.

Designed for children all the way from K-12, Thresh introduces concepts of wellness and sustainability in a way that relates to their local practices, needs and their environment (rivers, hills, plains, cities). Embodied learning involves whole-body experience through storytelling movement, music, theater, and visual arts to enhance understanding of the relationship between external and internal environments.




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