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On March 17th Dr. Joseph R. McGeshick and Mary Serbe from First Voices Montana traveled to the state capitol to introduce Montana educators to First Voices!


Dr. McGeshick and Mary Serbe introducing First Voices to Montana educators at the Indian Education for All Best Practice conference is a great opportunity to expand our First Voices Montana program. The conference attracts educators who are eager to learn new and innovative ways to incorporate Montana's Indigenous culture and history into their curriculum.

Learn more about what First Voices does here.

Preeti vegas movie awards graphic.jpg

Thresh's Founder & Artistic Director Preeti Vasudevan recently won a merit award at the Vegas Movie Awards for "Best Choreography" in the film "Resilient."

fv 2023 powwwow.png

First Voices is being presented at the Montana State University Bozeman Powwow this year. The event takes place on March 31st at 3 pm MST. 

To learn more about the event click here.


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