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100 Years of Greater Lebanon

To mark the centenary of the foundation of Greater Lebanon (September 1, 2020), the Alwan Project collected 100 stories from elders from across the country, telling the story of their life experiences: their struggles and their successes—often against daunting odds.

Thresh has worked with the Alwan Project to develop short digital performances of selected stories.
In many cases, stories come from individuals in marginalized communities whose experiences have seldom if ever been heard previously by the wider public. The stories have been recorded by young people (aged 15 – 17), working with the Alwan Project to document the oral histories of elder citizens from across the entire social and geographical spectrum of the country. 


The project is a cross-cultural collaboration between performers, musicians, composers, and visual artists from around the world. Click on the images above to view each story. 

In Conversation: Composer & Choreographer 

IMPACT: The Alwan Project exceeded its goal of reaching 35,000 people with this online project, and 231,643 users actively engaged with the project over the four-week period following release. Story videos were viewed on average 87,780 times.


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