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Works & Process Residency, 2022

"Speaking in Pointe," an excerpt from L'Orient was developed and successfully premiered at The Flea Theater in November 2022 thanks to the Works & Process Residency.

"Speaking in Pointe" two worlds of dance together - ballet and bharatanatyam. Incorporating rhythmic foot techniques from Indian classical dance, this work engages with percussive sounds of Indian dance produced through ballerinas' pointe shoes, which are normally expected to remain muted. This work is also an exploration of the inner voices of ballerinas, where they make visible the stories and narrative of their complex relationship with ballet through their pointe shoes. Speaking in Pointe is part of a larger production, L’Orient - a dance-opera based on the 19th-century French opera Lakmé.

Performers: Ramona Kelley, Audrey Borst, Kara Walsh
Music: Kamala Sankaram

Image Credit: Andrés Mercado

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