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Founders Circle

Thresh Turns 20!

Thresh was founded in 2005 to challenge the traditional mold of classical arts. As our 20-year anniversary approaches we look forward to another two decades of success—in which we aim to build a lasting legacy through expansion of reach and scale. This will be achieved both organically and through national and local partnerships to sustain and amplify our mission within the USA and globally. Alongside challenging and exciting productions our goal is to contribute to the development of a next generation of leaders inside and outside the artistic arena. 

About Founders Circle:

Thresh is embarking on an exciting new initiative called the Founders Circle to support our work and build a lasting legacy of creativity and leadership for the next generation. The Founders Circle invites people from diverse fields and backgrounds who are passionate about and committed to change that works for a better future for Thresh.

The Founders Circle Pledge

The Founders Circle Pledge is a multi-year commitment (minimum 3 years) to help sustain Thresh and its mission. Below are some of the key areas of participation and involvement of the members:


Leadership Circle $50,000 +

  • Customized experiences and personalized benefits to match donor’s priorities

  • All of the benefits offered at the Benefactor Level


Benefactor Circle: $25,000 +

  • Special Access Annual Project Visit which will include access to workshops, performances, participation in certain workshops, and more.

  • Complimentary tickets for up to 4 additional guests for shows/events

  • All of the benefits are at the Patron Level


Patron Circle $10,000 +

  • Founders Circle Summit in NYC - an annual gathering including a performance or a workshop

  • Complimentary tickets to performances and workshops for Founders Circle members and a guest.


We would love to welcome you into the Founders Circle and be an active part of our community.

Please reach out to us at:

Preeti Vasudevan:

Julia Levitan:

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