Drumming a Dream

Drumming a Dream is a fantastical young adult musical theater performance, inspired by an ancient Indian folktale. Aimed at audiences 10 years and up, this story features a talking drum leading a young girl through great adventures in a magical forest. The production uses the fundamentals of Indian classical dance and hip-hop choreography alongside Afro-Cuban body percussion, tap, jazz, and contemporary forms, as well as live Indian music and electronic music. As the curious Kalpana dreams of a drum that communicates the mysteries of life to her, she traverses and explores the universality of rhythm as a guiding force that helps her confront themes of diversity, and heritage culture. Kalpana's story illuminates how unexpected meetings and chance encounters help build empathy, curiosity, independence, and imagination.

This 2021 Drumming a Dream development is supported, in part, by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, in partnership with the City Council.

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All photo credits: Stephen Charles Nicholson

Drumming A Dream was initially developed during Preeti Vasudevan’s 2018–19 LabWorks Residency at The New Victory Theater, NYC. Conceived and created by Vasudevan, Drumming a Dream features a global cast of musicians and dancers to highlight the importance of life lessons.



Creator/choreographer: Preeti Vasudevan

Creative Team for LabWorks:
Composer: Roopa Mahadevan

Percussion: Mal Stein

Guitar: Michael Gam

Dancers: Max Pollak, Ishita Milli, Marie Paspe, Elizabeth Nicholson, Barkha Patel 

Duration: 90 minutes

Proposed premiere: 2023–4 season

Audience: ages 10 years and up