Veiled Moon

“Hoping to blossom (one day) into a flower,
 Every bud sits, holding its soul in its fist.”

Veiled Moon is inspired by the life and works of Mah Laqa Bai Chanda, a scintillating Muslim courtesan in the glittering Deccani court of 18th century India.

The production blends dance, music and song in a contemporary evocation of the fertile artistic atmosphere of the Nizam’s court in Hyderabad, India.

Veiled Moon resonates with the contemporary lives of women, of Islam and of the power of artistic creativity. Using the inspiration of her poems to create the vocabulary of the dance and music, Veiled Moon is a unique blending of forms and styles in the dance, music and design that represent the re-imagined collision of 18th century creative aesthetics relevant to the 21st century sensibility.

Photo credits: Steven Schreiber




Artistic Direction & choreography: Preeti Vasudevan
Music: Samita Sinha (with Brian Chase and Roopa Mahadevan)
Costume: Deanna Berg
Lighting: Tony Giovannetti
Dramaturgy: Elif Isikozlu
Literary Consultant: Prof. Scott Kugle
 Aditi Dhruv
; Nilaya Sabnis
; Deesha Narichania; 
Samita Sinha
; Roopa Mahadevan; 
Brian Chase
; Preeti Vasudevan



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World premiere: April 26 2015, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City, USA

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