Graduated from ENSATT Costume, Sandrine Lucas has been a professional costume designer for 7 years. She has worked for dance, theater and cinema.
Sandrine began to work with François Mauget and Theatre des Tafurs for 2 plays creating paper costumes. She has alsoworked in  a range of performance – hip hop and street dance universe, with Hamid Ben Mahi at the Laboratoire de La Villette and compagnie Pyramyd.

Mixing classical and contemporary styles for a dance piece at Fête des Vendanges at Suresne with choregraph Florence Caillon, she designed dreamlike costumes for a child’s play Hors du Ciel with compagnie Robinson.

She has worked with Renaud Cojo (theatre) for musical piece Elephant People and Ivan Moran for opera Barble Bleu.

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