The Thresh Collective

The Thresh Collective is a unique young members' group that helps shape Thresh’s journey alongside award-winning Artistic Director Preeti Vasudevan. As a member, you'll join a dynamic group of deeply valued stakeholders inside the Thresh community. Collective members play a critical role in helping to realize the artistic and educational mission of Thresh worldwide. 

Founding Members

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MJ Sakellariadis


MJ graduated from Harvard Business School in 2020. Her background is in retail and entertainment & media. Currently, she works at Amazon and does business development for Audible. MJ became involved in Thresh during business school, where she worked with Preeti on developing a strategic plan for the organization. She is a founding member of The Collective, along with Anjali Itzkowitz and Jojo Banga.

Anjali Itzkowitz


Anjali graduated from Harvard Business School in 2020 and works in Private Equity in London. She was a student of Preeti’s and completed her training in classical Indian dance (Bharatanatyam), studying under Prakash Yadagudde at London’s Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan. She currently works at Astorg, a Private Equity firm where she invests primarily in healthcare and software. Outside of her professional life, she is passionate about the performing arts, especially theatre and dance. 

Jyotika Banga

Jojo graduated from Harvard Business School in 2019 and currently works in management consulting in New York City. Previously, she worked in brand marketing at Pepsi and Peloton, and as an advisor to the Chief of Staff and Executive Director at the ACLU. Jojo became involved in Thresh recently, as she was looking for a way to pursue her personal passion for arts and entertainment in NYC.

Sophie Sakellariadis

Sophie is a Product Manager at Stripe, a leading fin tech company in San Francisco. She graduated from Harvard College in 2011, and she became interested in performing arts while living and working in South East Asia. Sophie was introduced to Thresh through her sister MJ.