Social Impact and cultural diplomacy through educational outreach is key to Thresh’s mission. We partner with both governmental bodies and NGOs to deliver theatre-based initiatives focused on at-risk and underserved populations in the US and overseas.

Outreach programs are delivered either on the ground (in person) or digitally, via the internet. We specialize in the delivery of remote learning via synchronous (live video) or asynchronous content.

Topic areas focus on creative problem-solving to develop life and leadership skills. Recent interventions include:

  • Beirut (Lebanon): life skills for youth in low-opportunity neighbourhoods

  • Chennai & New Delhi (India): sustainability and the arts for low-income children

  • Lame Deer, Montana (USA): workshops for at-risk junior high-schoolers of the Cheyenne nation

A life skills workshop with Junior High School students, Lame Deer, MT, Spring 2019 (partnership with SilkRoad)


Sustainability workshops

Designed for children all the way from K-12, Thresh introduces concepts of sustainablity in a way that relates to their local environment (rivers, hills, plains, cities). Embodied learning involves vocal exercises and movement to enhance understandings of the relationship between external and internal environments.


Sustainability workshop sponsored by US Dep't of State featuring guest artist Amar Ramasar of New York City Ballet ( Chennai, India, 2019)


Life & Leadership Skills

Thresh's educational mission is focused on helping to develop life and leadership skills with at-risk and underserved populations.


Our primary workshop in this area is Mapping Memories, a theater-based social impact workshop series addressing identity and fostering life skills through the lens of choreography, music, improvisation and reflective memory.

Using cross-disciplinary artistic practices, Mapping Memories investigates the personal journeys we take and the collective impact we have on each other as a society.

Mapping Memories is designed for an intimate group (10-20 individuals) and allows participants to develop leadership skills by working collaboratively and expressing their vulnerabilities within a safe, creative space.

Custom workshops are available as half-day (3 hour), full-day (6 hour) and retreat (2-3 days).


Other Cultural Outreach Projects

Thresh is also involved in numerous other educational and social impact projects globally.




Silkroad, founded by legendary cellist Yo-Yo Ma is a collective of global artists working together to create stories that represent cultural diversity showing the importance of multiple approaches to human narrative. Preeti Vasudevan leads the Indian and contemporary dance-theater area working with the ensemble and education team to structure and implement storytelling methods through movement and voice. Over nine years, Preeti has been involved in various projects from Junior High School residencies in NYC, Lame Deer Cheyenne Reservation in Montana and with underserved youth communities in Beirut, Lebanon. Preeti was the lead teaching artist for a pilot program for the Boston Conservatory exploring creative risk. 




Preeti Vasudevan has been working with the Department of Education in New York City since 2007 in various capacities. Dancing for the Gods, Thresh’s interactive education website partners with the DoE’s Blueprint for Dance designing unique lesson plans for public school teachers. Preeti has led movement-based professional development sessions for public school teachers introducing the history and practice of Indian dance and will lead artistic process sharing in 2020 through some of her repertory works.


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