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First Voices Testimonials

What students are saying...

First Voices Testimony: Lame Deer High School Students
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This project is a great way to promote our culture and show people that we are still here and our way is not lost... this is a great idea and I'm thankful that these artists are taking time out of their lives to do this because not everyone knows about us. Our creation stories are something that will be passed down for many generations to come.

Samuel Haugen, Senior, Lame Deer High School

It was powerful, unique, and well-spoken. I especially love how my culture is introduced and how well the story presented itself... Seeing it being displayed in an artistic vision, watching it all mesh well together, the music, the story, and the body language. It was engaging and different. First Voices is inspiring me!

Latessa Twobulls, Lame Deer High School

Our culture is very very beautiful from the stories to the paintings, beadwork, and people. It would be great to see it come alive.

Davinia, Lame Deer High School

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