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First Voices Next Steps

The success of the first series of digital films has increased both Native and non-Native interest to further this project and build it into a series of ancestral and student-interpreted stories. Between Sept. 2022 - Sept. 2024 Thresh plans to raise awareness, dissemination plans, and build plans to create 5 new stories and in parallel, mentorship programs from the following reservations:

  • Fort Peck, Crow, Fort Belknap, Blackfeet, Salish-Kootenai

  • Expand national partners to help build a stronger dialogue and exchange for the program and schools

  • Build Tribal College partnerships to include First Voices in their curriculum

  • Enter film festivals, museum screenings, and exchanges between educational institutions by sharing the stories and having in-person and virtual discussions and dialogue

  • Build at least 2 relationships with tribes outside Montana to expand the project to become more national


Screen Shot 2022-08-04 at 9.41.08 PM.png

"Although many Indigenous communities actively reclaim their narrative, allyship is still necessary. I believe this partnership will assist in the perpetuation of culture and heritage and highlight potential in the sovereignty of storytelling for cultural groups." 


Ben Pease, Visual Artist

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