First Voices

Digital Storytelling Performances

First Voices digital performance series is an archive of vanishing elders' stories, preserving their wisdom for future generations. Stories are selected by a group of First Nations elders from different tribes through a series of artistic discussions coordinated by Thresh. 

Contemporary interpretations of ancestral stories are created for the digital platform bringing intergenerational Native and non-Native artists to foster better intercultural understanding between the two groups. Recordings of elders as the primary narrators of their stories will allow younger generation artists to bring their contemporary creativity alongside the elder’s storytelling methods.


Thresh captures behind-the-scenes media of the story created for First Voices, documenting the process of artistic creation, interactions between participants, as well as reflections on such unique collaborations.

Tséhésenéstsesttse: The Big Dipper

A Northern Cheyenne Story

First Voices premiered in December 2020 with a digital story performance between Thresh and artists from three Montana tribes: Northern Cheyenne, Blackfeet, and Chippewa Cree nations. The performance embraced an interdisciplinary approach involving music, Indigenous narration, dance, and visual arts as a cross-tribal and inter-community exchange.

"Creating and sharing stories will help build a stronger community with more empathy because I could tell the story to my younger family members. They would most likely be more curious and they would want to tell other people. I was trying to make an example of how this can make a stronger community with more empathy.


Jaunita, Lame Deer High School