Études is a dynamic dance dialogue between Preeti Vasudevan and Amar Ramasar, Principal Dancer at the New York City Ballet. This genre-bending production redefines classical movement idioms to create an evening of contemporary relevance and beauty.

Études questions the notion of “traditional” and forges a new style of communication. 
In essence, the work represents a deeply personal journey of discovery for both artists. This exposure, each to the other’s movement vocabulary, has created an osmotic process of exchange by which each form is deepened and liberated by the other.

Études possesses an additional dimension in that both collaborators are of Indian descent. Until now, they have each taken divergent artistic paths: through this piece they meet and develop a new language, inspired and energized by the intense artistic crucible of New York, perhaps the most diverse city in the world.

Photo credits: NYC Photo Bureau: Slezak and Pavlos Mavridis




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Choreography: Preeti Vasudevan (in collaboration with Amar Ramasar)
Music: Dave Eggar, Jerry Korman
Concept & Artistic Direction: Preeti Vasudevan

Études was initially developed as part of Preeti Vasudevan’s Spring 2016 Resident Fellowship at The Center for Ballet and the Arts, New York University.

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