The Gambler’s Lament

Inspired by a passage from the Rig Veda (ancient text of Hindu wisdom) we follow the torment of a solo dancer as she descends into the pit of addiction, staking everything on the next roll of the dice. But from despair, a strange loving wisdom emerges…

Past Present

A courtesan reflects on the passage of time and the ephemeral nature of love and passion in this interpretation of a 17th century South Indian love poem.  She is brought face to face with herself and her own desire presented as a moving and tender duet.

Past Present manipulates gesture and grammar from Bharatanatyam, classical dance from South India, and upends traditional symbols by exploring the dance form through a modern interpretation.  The music is inspired by Marwa, a North Indian raaga.

The Last Nickel

Based on a play by US feminist writer Jane Shepard, this group piece explores the relationship between two sisters – one living, one dead. The past and present are interwoven into a complex, sometimes violent fabric that challenges notions of family, self and love.

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