There are five sections which can be accessed consecutively or in any order the user chooses.

–       Introduction: a brief history of Bharatanatyam; key definitions

–       Basic Technique: basic principles of movement; video tutorials showing specific movement vocabulary relating to each area of the body; interactive webcam feature where users can record gestures and compare them against demonstration videos

–       Body Combinations: Introduces the four modes of expression – Aangika (the body) Vaachika (words) Aahaarya (costume and stagecraft) and Saatvika (emotional state); Sub-sections here include interviews with expert practitioners and historians; includes a major interactive feature where users ‘build’ a character; investigation of the significance and imagery of the Nataraja icon (Shiva as Lord of Dance and creator of the Universe)

–       Direct-a–Drama! Learners are set the task of ‘choreographing’ a story and generate a video performance. Expert commentary and feedback on their choices is provided.

–       Fun & Games: tests learners memory with visual games and a slapstick animation sequence.

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