Bharatanatyam, the temple dancing tradition that has arguably become India’s best-loved art-form, has evolved a rich and sophisticated language of movement that a successful performer requires decades to master. While almost everyone feels they know ‘Indian dance’ on the surface, how many – whether in the West or in India itself – really have access to the cultural riches offered by this eternally captivating form?

Dancing for the Gods is an interactive educational website intended to
introduce a new global audience to Bharatanatyam. The prime focus of the
project is children and young adults (age group 10 to 18). The artist behind the project is Preeti Vasudevan, a noted Bharatanatyam performer and choreographer based in Chennai, India. Vasudevan has assembled a team of instructional designers, graphical artists and technical architects to build an on-line system of tutorials in the dance form, exploiting the power of video, animation and interactivity offered by the on-line medium.

Unique in the field of Indian Classical Art, the author’s pedagogical approach deploys contemporary methodologies of movement analysis. This approach allows users – especially those with some familiarity with western forms – to access the dance more easily. . .

In DVD (offline) form we offer the programme for distribution in schools and
colleges worldwide. We provide lesson plans for teachers, offering suggestions of how the Dancing for the Gods can be integrated into an exciting classroom activity.

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