The Thresh education program offers three different types of workshop scenarios, each of which can be targeted to the following age groups — 5-8 years old; 9-12 years old; 13-18 years old — and to the participants’ experience level, as follows:

–    Beginner (little or no prior knowledge to Bharatanatyam)
–    Intermediate (basic techniques and some performance as experience)
–    Advanced/Professional (Performance level experience or 10 years  experience)

The different workshops offered include:

Residency Workshop

•    Usually booked as a 2-day workshop, consisting of 4 hours each day
•    Led by 1 master trainer or 2 junior trainers
•    Can accommodate up to 25 participants

This workshop provides an in-depth workshop to the key elements of classical Indian dance, Bharatanatyam, and uses the art form as a means of encouraging self-expression and increasing proficiency in basic technique, rhythm, hand gestures, steps, eye movement and storytelling based on the levels of experience.

Weekly Sessions

•    Consists of one session per week (1 ½ hours) over an 8-week period
•    Led by 1 trainer
•    Can accommodate up to 20 participants
•    Includes lesson plans and curriculum links that can be used between sessions

These sessions introduce students (again, based on the levels of experience) to the key elements of classical Indian dance, Bharatanatyam, and promote a greater understanding of India’s history and contemporary culture.  By studying the fundamental elements of the art form, students are encouraged to explore movement and rhythm, myth and storytelling, and to create stories and dances of their own.

Single Session

•    Consists of one 2-hour session
•    Led by 1 trainer
•    Can accommodate up to 12 participants

In this session, participants are given a general introduction to Bharatanatyam, and then focus on one or two key components of the art form, according to the predetermined interest area and level of experience.  The session is highly interactive, and can be supplemented by access to Thresh’s Dancing for the Gods website.

(For University level workshops and fee structure please contact Thresh for more information)

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